Covered Legal Costs 

Costs for reasonable fees for an attorney with either prior approval by us or costs up to $125.00 per hour for an attorney selected by the Subscriber and related court fees, incurred by the Subscriber for: 

a. Defense of any legal action brought against the subscriber by a merchant, creditor or collection agency or entity acting on their behalf for non-payment of goods or services or default on a loan. 

b. Defense of or the removal of any criminal or civil judgments wrongly entered against the subscriber. 

c. Challenging the accuracy or completeness of any information in a consumer credit report. 


    A. loss due to any fraudulent, dishonest or criminal act by the subscriber or any person acting in concert with the subscriber, or immediate               family subscriber, whether acting alone or in collusion with others. 


    B. loss resulting directly or indirectly from errors or omissions occurring in the input of data to any computer system and/or processing of any         data within a computer system. 


    C. loss resulting directly or indirectly from the voluntary surrendering by the subscriber of any access device, in whole or in part, to any person       or entity. 


    D. loss resulting from any unintentional clerical error in the transfer from or debit of any account of the subscriber which is initiated by a                   financial institution, or any employee(s) thereof. 


    E. loss in connection with any pre-authorized transfer from any account to or for the benefit of a financial institution, or to any other account of       the subscriber. 


    F. loss arising out of business pursuits of the subscriber. 


    G. loss of valuable papers, valuable documents, jewelry, silverware and other personal property including the philatelic value of stamps and the     numismatic value of coins not in circulation. 


    H. property damage, bodily injury or personal injury. 


    I. losses incurred from financial performance of any investment of financial product. 



Upon knowledge or discovery of loss that may give rise to a claim under the terms of the program agreement, the subscriber is responsible for the following: 

    A. Give notice as soon as practicable to: (a) the appropriate authority and affected 

    institutions, if applicable; and (b) us or any of our authorized agents. If the loss involves a violation of law, the subscriber shall also notify the           police. The subscriber must submit a copy of the police report when filing a claim. 

    B. File detailed proof of loss, duly sworn to, with us within 60 days after the discovery 

    of loss. 

    C. Upon our request, submit to examination by us, and subscribe the same, under oath 

    if required. 

    D. Upon our request, cooperate to help us enforce legal rights against anyone who may 

    be liable to the subscriber to include giving evidence and attending depositions, hearings and/or trials; producing for our examination all               pertinent records; and cooperating with us in all matters pertaining to loss or claims; all at such reasonable times and places as we shall                   designate. 

    E. The subscriber shall not voluntarily assume or admit any liability, nor, except at said 

    subscriber's own cost, voluntarily make any payment or incur any expense without our prior written consent, (such consent not to be                          unreasonably withheld). 

     F. The subscriber shall keep books, receipts, bills, and other records in such manner that we can accurately determine the amount of any loss.        At any time subsequent to the reporting of the loss to us, we may examine and audit the subscriber's books and records as they relate to a loss      under the policy on record with the insurance company. 

NOTE: The above summation of our Identity Theft Reimbursement Policy is designed to provide general information only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, this information is provided without any representation or warranty of any kind about its accuracy. All descriptions of coverage are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the individual policy on file with the insurance company. This policy is available upon request. 

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** Source: 2016 Identity Fraud Study, Javelin Strategy & Research, February 2016

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